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KatieKatie enjoys working from home, doing marketing consulting & graphic design.  You will often find her sitting at the table or on the couch with her computer, playing with her latest design or writing.  She also really enjoys cooking, so food-related posts pop up from time to time!  Her favorite things are Jesus, traveling, the ocean & spending time with her family.




Brian is the resident handyman at the Dahl House.  When he's not at work, you can find him working on our latest renovation project, or learning more about finances.  He'd love to buy a big sailboat and head out exploring for a couple of years!!



MollyMolly is our trouble-maker, but she sure is cute!  She is an Australian Shepherd, and her favorite things to do are play with her dad, go for a walk with her mom, or beg for any people food someone might offer her.  She's the only baby we've got, so you'll see her on this blog a whole bunch.



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