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Full & Simple

I very rarely write on this site about client websites I am building; it’s not that I’m not proud of them, it’s just that most of them aren’t relevant here.  But I simply have to brag on my friend Erika, who launched her new website, Full & Simple, today!

Erika has been blogging for a little while, and I stumbled on her about a year ago?  We share a lot of the same values, and I loved reading about her life at The Farm on the Hill.  We hit it off, and I am so pleased to be able to call her friend.

I have often found myself living vicariously through Erika.  She has so many adventures; always bravely trying new things.  Her family is always up to something fun; whether it’s beekeeping, raising their new baby chicks, or doing some serious gardening– the Farm on the Hill is an exciting place!

But as Erika’s blog grew, she began branching out more with her writing.  This year she has started a personal project she calls Simple 2016, and it’s all about living with intention.  Each month, she writes how this project is going, and it’s peppered with book reviews on simple living.  It’s really inspired me to make some adjustments in my life, which I hope to share with you soon.


Erika really does live a simple life, but that doesn’t mean it is boring.  Which is why I think Full & Simple is the perfect name for her new blog!

As she shares in her welcome post:

Full & Simple is all about embracing the word AND.  I feel that the world wants to put us all in neat little boxes; forcing us to choose OR.  You can be this OR that.  But why can’t you be this AND that?  You can be smart AND beautiful.  You can be country AND classy.  You can be a Christian AND fun!  You can have a life that is full AND simple.

So Proud

I am so proud of Erika, for boldly taking this leap of faith.  I am also incredibly grateful that she let me come along for the journey, and help bring her vision for Full & Simple to life.

Please join me in celebrating her today!  Check out Full & Simple; be sure to leave some comment love and like her Facebook page…  Also, if you subscribe to her blog, you’ll not only get her super fun newsletter but also a free copy of her 7-day Food Lovers Devo (trust me, you want this).

Thanks for letting me be a part of this, Erika!  Can’t wait to read more about your Full & Simple life!


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