IKEA Kitchen Follow-Up


It’s been about three months since we got all the major portions of our kitchen remodel completed.  Since then, Brian and I have slowed down the progress quite a bit, but we working on getting the finishing touches done.  It’s still not 100%, but it is looking great!  Once it’s totally done, I’ll take you on another tour; you can check out the first tour near the bottom of this post.

As we were planning our kitchen renovation, we decided the best option for us would be to use IKEA cabinets and counters (installing them both ourselves).  Having lived with our new IKEA kitchen for awhile, I thought it was about time I did a follow-up; letting everyone know how we felt about our decision to go with IKEA’s kitchen products.


IKEA has one line of kitchen cabinets; it’s called Sektion (this was new as of earlier this year).  This system is designed to give buyers a lot of freedom when it comes to the layout of their kitchen.

You can customize your cabinets further with different door & drawer fronts.  We picked Bodbyn- Off White.  I was actually in love with the Bodbyn front in the grey color, but we ultimately decided grey would be too dark for our kitchen.  Both Bodbyn styles are gorgeous and popular.

We also used their solid oak butcher block for our countertops.  Butcher block does require some upkeep, but we love the look and it is SUPER affordable.


  • The cabinets & counters look AMAZING!!  Seriously, I think these look just as good as some of the more expensive custom cabinets we looked at.  I especially love the glass-front doors we picked for our glasses/dishes cabinets.  Our kitchen looks it got a very expensive upgrade, when really we did the whole thing for about $7,000 including new appliances (it really pays to DIY!).
  • The finish on the cabinets is easy to clean.  I am not a neat cook; I splatter and drip and open handles of things when my hands are covered in flour.  All our cabinets are easy to wipe off and keep looking good.
  • Brian says that it is relatively easy to install & adjust.  Over the course of the installation, we hit a few snags, but that’s to be expected with such a big project.  Overall, the Sektion system is totally something you can DIY.


This is sort of a saga… Please note that our nearest IKEA is an hour and half away; it is just far enough that going on a weeknight is not always realistic for us.

When we first went to purchase our kitchen, quite a number of pieces we needed were out of stock.  They don’t do backorders; you just have to come back to the store when things are in stock again.  We were sort of annoyed, but there wasn’t much we could do.  We bought what we could, and knew we would have to come back for the rest.

Fast forward about a month… SOME of our missing items were back in stock, but some weren’t.  We thought we would wait a few days, and see if everything else came in.

We check back a couple of days later… not only aren’t there any other items in, but the ones they just got back in stock HAD SOLD OUT ALREADY!  In a matter of 2 days, all our items were back out of stock.

Fast forward another couple of weeks… SOME of our missing items arrived at IKEA (note, we had to check this every couple of days, they did not notify us when items became available).  This time around, we just decided to go get what we could.

While we were there, the employee told us that one of our items was special order only.  Okay, why didn’t they order it for us when we first came in?  Whatever, fine, we asked them to order it for us.  He then tells us they can either ship to it our house (for a significant extra charge) or we can go pick it up at a separate warehouse facility, which also happens to be an hour away from us.

A week later, we drive an hour to pick up the item, and an hour home.

No joke, we repeat this exact same scenario ALL OVER AGAIN: one item is in stock, we make the trip to get it, they tell us another of our items is special order.  We make the trip to the other warehouse to get that one.

So.  Here we are so far:

Trips to IKEA to pick up kitchen pieces: 3
Trips to their other warehouse to pick up pieces: 2
Total hours driving in the car: 13+

AND WE ARE STILL WAITING ON SOME PIECES TO COME IN!  We are currently missing two pieces of our kitchen; a door for one of our cabinets, and a drawer that goes inside a drawer.  The door was in stock last week, but we couldn’t make it to IKEA for a couple days, and by the time we could go, they were already sold out.



So, knowing what we know now, would do it over again?

Short answer?  Yes, definitely.  It’s true; IKEA’s customer service has left a whole lot to be desired.  But, we are so pleased with the look of our new kitchen that we can say it’s worth it.

Hopefully, in time, IKEA will have fewer stocking issues.  We don’t know the full story, but we assume that we’ve had so much trouble because we bought our kitchen shortly after they launched their new line.  An employee alluded to the fact that they had some manufacturing issues, and with the high demand it has been difficult stocking things.  It seems like 6 months after you launch your product line, customers shouldn’t have this much trouble getting items.  IKEA could definitely use some improvement in this area.

But.  Our kitchen is prettier than I imagined, and so overall, I am glad we chose IKEA.


Do you have a favorite IKEA purchase?  Let me know in the comments!


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